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Titanium welding

At TM Lasertechnik we only work with a pure laser when welding titanium.

Weldable are all titanium grades from grade 1 to 5 and more.

Through extensive and time-consuming laboratory tests, we were able to develop a welding routine that allows us to weld titanium reproducibly and safely. In order not to damage the microstructure of the titanium components, the welds are performed under a shielding gas environment. The fast and concentrated laser beam prevents excessive heating of the surfaces and allows the passivation layer to be preserved.

With conventional welding processes, there is a risk here that this passivation layer will be affected by too much heat, which can lead to corrosion.

TM Lasertechnik_Titan schweißen

No oxidation

Precise process control and monitoring to ensure oxygen exclusion during welding and cooling.

Highest precision

Fine welds in the range down to 0.05 millimeter.


The welding process is permanently inspected for micro-cracks via a binocular with 16x magnification.

ALL titanium grades from grade 1 to 5 and above.

Good to know:

Titanium as a material

Due to its lattice structure (hexagonal structure), titanium has the property of being an extremely stable metal with a very low weight. This makes it particularly suitable for torsionally rigid and filigree constructions.

The high affinity to oxygen forms the basis of the thin, self-healing oxide layer on the surface. This provides effective corrosion protection.

Due to its resistance – also to a number of chemicals – titanium is particularly interesting as a material for the aerospace, chemical and medical industries.

Difficulty in welding

Titanium’s very high affinity for oxygen is also its greatest disadvantage in welding.

Above the liquidus line, titanium increasingly forms a bond with oxygen. As a result, defects form in the lattice structure when the material solidifies. This is shown by the formation of cracks.

For titanium welding, this means that extreme care must be taken to ensure that no oxygen is present in the welding atmosphere.

In addition, the graduation of the titanium must be taken into account in order to select the correct filler metal.

Industries for which we weld titanium:


Examples may not be mentioned due to applicable NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements).

Military technology

Signed NDAs also apply to the military technology sector.