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Laser welding
of highest quality

We shape the future

TM Lasertechnik offers you more than 20 years of experience, innovation and highest quality processes. We win customers worldwide through our constant metallurgical research work, tenth-precision welding technology and our diverse and individually adapted range of services.

We offer a wide variety of services from a single source, ranging from series production to repairs, including prototype construction and manufacturing new parts. Our portfolio also includes leak tests, metallurgical examinations and mechanical finishing (turning, milling and grinding). We are your partner in the field of high-precision welding processes.

Lasertechnik aus Bochum, NRW

Our focus is primarily on complex to join contour and difficult to weld metal alloys. Therefore, within the multitude of welding technologies, we concentrate on laser processes, allowing us to adapt our welding processes to your specific requirements. From micro to macro, from sea to space.

We work with partially as well as fully automated robot-assisted laser technology. That way, we guarantee gentle and careful energy input and distortion-free results through minimum possible heat input. Effective, durable and at a consistently high-quality standard.

To us or to you?
Brückenkran in Bochum

Bridge Crane in Bochum

Direct loading and unloading of your components by our bridge crane with 5 t lever load.

mobiles Laserschweißen

Laser welding mobile

Manual, partially and fully automated laser welding due to our mobile equipment also directly at your desired location.

Metals / Alloys / Superalloys

Aluminium schweißen
Titan schweißen
Magnesium schweißen
Kupfer schweißen
Chrom schweißen
Kobalt schweißen
Berylium schweißen
Nickel schweißen

We are able to weld a wide variety of metals, metal alloys and superalloys. These, with a few exceptions, include: all stainless steel and steel alloys, cast iron, aluminum and aluminum alloys, copper and copper alloys. We also work with titanium, magnesium, silver, gold, tantalum, stellite (stellite 6 and stellite 12), bronze and bronze alloys, as well as mixed joints such as steel-bronze, steel-copper or bronze-copper and a wide range of filler metals.

  • TM Lasertechnik_Aluminium schweißen_Gewindenah
  • TM Lasertechnik_Reparaturschweißen_Rotoren
  • TM Lasertechnik_Mobiles Laserschweißen_Turbine
  • TM Lasertechnik_Laser Cladding_Turbinenläufer
  • TM Lasertechnik_Edelstahl schweißen_Serienproduktion
  • TM Lasertechnik_Aluminium Feinschweißung
  • TM Lasertechnik_Laser Cladding_Lagerbronze
  • TM Lasertechnik_Werkzeugstahl schweißen_Tiefziehwerkzeug
  • TM Lasertechnik_Aluminium schweißen_Flöansch und Rohr
  • TM Lasertechnik_Laser Cladding_großflächiger Materialauftrag

Industries, that use our laser technology

Lasertechnik für Turbinenservice
Turbine services
Lasertechnik für E-Mobilität
Lasertechnik für den Armaturenbau
Fittings construction

Lasertechnik für den Maschinenbau
Mechanical engineering
Lasertechnik für die Luftfahrt
Aerospace industry
Lasertechnik für die Raumfahrt
Aerospace industry

Lasertechnik für die Energiewirtschaft
Energy industry
Lasertechnik für die Mikroelektronik
Lasertechnik für die Medizintechnik
Medical technology


Your machine is at a standstill and you need an immediate repair? Give us a call!

What is new at TM Lasertechnik?

  • New Clean Rooms

    Our new clean rooms have been completed.
    We can now offer you our laser technology in a controlled product environment. Reduced dust with reduced particle concentration, we weld your sensitive components on request under increased quality standards.

  • Silver on aluminium

    We have developed a new process in the field of laser cladding / deposition welding, which enables us to weld silver layers.

    Example: Coating of aluminum blocks with a 1 mm silver layer to create a highly conductive surface.

  • All from a single source

    From now on we also do the finishing work for you in our company.

    In addition to our welding services, we are also happy to offer you professional turning, milling and grinding services.

    Request a complete solution now!

  • DIN EN ISO 9001

    We have successfully completed our


    With one of the most important standards in certified quality management, we offer you transparency and objectivity at the highest level.